Frequently Asked Questions

The School

When did this mission begin?

After an exploratory trip in June 2010 we started the first school year in October 2010 with 55 students.

Is this sponsored by a church?

No. We have a core of 3 families and a few individuals who support the school. Unforsaken Ministries has been a huge blessing in several areas. In addition to monetary help they also have provided soccer shirts for the school. We are always looking for help.

Is this a Christian or Bible based school?

Yes, each teacher does a 25 minute devotional at the start of each day. It is our goal that every child and parent hear the good news of Jesus.

What are the grade levels?

Currently, grades pre-K 4 through 5th grade are offered. We hope to add more levels as funds permit.

How many students and teachers are there?

102 students with six teachers, one principal and one teacher’s aide. Parents volunteer to prepare the noon meal.

What is your annual budget?

Our current budget is $14,400.

What are your long term goals?

We are currently building a new school as we have outgrown the two room church they have graciously allowed us to use. The new school will have ten rooms and a lunch area. We need approximately $15,000 to complete the construction. Our prayer is to have it ready for next school year beginning October 2016. We also need new uniforms. Estimated costs on uniforms are $5,000 so each child can have two sets.

Why don’t the children attend public school?

Haiti is an underdeveloped country. There is not room in the public schools for all the children. Our students test higher than the national    average of students in the public schools. Without our school these children have nowhere to go.


What is the sponsorship costs per pupil per year?

About $240.

How can I help?

First pray for us. We need wisdom in how God wants us to proceed and also for the children to receive Christ at an early age. Secondly, if you want to make a tax deductible financial gift you can choose to sponsor a child or give a general donation. The board of PriorityOne has graciously chosen to cover all costs in the processing and transfer of funds. This way 100% of your donation goes to the school. No one receives any compensation or reimbursement of any expenses. Volunteers who want to visit are required to pay all expenses related to the trip.

What does my sponsorship money cover?

This covers students books, supplies, teacher salaries, food for the children and maintenance expenses on the generator.

Does the money go directly to the family I am sponsoring?

No. Your sponsorship goes directly into the general ongoing monthly expenses to run the school.

Can I write letters to my sponsor child?

Yes. However, the letters would be carried by volunteers when they travel (usually in February). The village is in the mountains of Haiti. There is no internet or mail services available to the parents. Since the letters would need to be translated usually a simple message is best.